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Housed in a reconstructed 311 years old temple with a terrace to a 180 degrees ocean view. Ji Terrace by the SEA & Ji at Bale Sutra 1706 serve simply the best Japanese contemporary cuisine and Asian inspired cocktails on the island.


The fusion of the ancient Japanese and Chinese cultures which are reflected not only in the ornate animal carvings of the Chinese temple’s elegant dark wood façade, but also in the restaurant’s branding—an innovative take on Japanese calligraphy highlighting the fanciful flora, fauna and cultural elements of the region—offers animated glimpses into the past while at the same time spearheading into the future.

Ji transports you through time from the mystical ancient Japan & The East thousands of years ago to different exotic era where our chef take the best of the most traditional Japanese cooking and adding just a touch of worldwide flavours.

Leading the heart of this journey is the namesake and inspiration of this unique Japanese cum Peranakan Chinese dining experience—the Kang Xi period temple from 1706 which Tugu Hotels founder/designer, Anhar Setjadibrata, rescued from ruins in Java and completely reconstructed on the first island in Indonesia where the temple landed more than a hundred years ago.

The temple exemplifies the nearly 2000 years old relationship between the two cultures and stands as a testament to the vast influence the more ancient China had on aspects of life in Japan.

Ji Terrace by the SEA is housed on the 400m2 second and third floors of Ji Restaurant, with open sky and 180 degrees undisturbed views over the sparkling Indian Ocean and Canggu Beach. Entering through the long teak bar with the best view over the sparkling sea, guests are taken in a journey for all the senses through mystical ancient Japan, Indonesia & the Eastern cultures, with rich, deep colours inspired by the crimson sky and red sunsets that we see every day from this rooftop.


The menu at Ji Restaurant Bali was created by our Japanese & Asian-trained chefs, led by a collaboration between Chef Nyoman Antara and Chef Colin Buchan during the creation of menu.

Chef Nyoman Antara, a Sushi Master, was trained by the classical Japanese chef Yoshihito Kobayashi for 15 years. Nyoman Antara, already previously a successful chef in Bali, became passionate about sushi and decided to accept the position as a dishwasher in Chef Kobayashi’s kitchen to be able to learn to prepare the best sushi in the island. From this humble beginning, he worked hard and practiced for years under true Japanese discipline and eventually moved up the ranks to become Ji Restaurant’s Head Sushi Chef. The place you will see him happiest is behind the sushi bar.

Chef Colin Buchan brings many years of international experience to his role, having worked with some of the most highly reputable hotels and restaurants such as Pollen in Singapore as the Executive Chef, the sister restaurant to Jason Atherton’s Pollen Street Social in London, several Michelin-starred establishments including Marco Pierre White’s L’Escargot, Andrew Fairlie’s One Devonshire Gardens and The Square restaurant in London, spent more than a decade in Gordon Ramsay restaurants, starting with Amaryllis in his hometown of Glasgow, and worked as a private chef to David and Victoria Beckham.

Together, they combined very classical training and flavours of Chef Nyoman with Chef Colin’s playful worldly influences and techniques.

Here at Ji Restaurant Bali, a culinary aficionado’s dream will be fulfilled in the selection of imaginative twist of Japanese contemporary cuisine with other exotic cultural influences.

The dishes are contemporary & playful but at the same time homey and comforting, based on classical Japanese methods of preparation that are simple, extremely fresh, precise and meticulous, but with a touch of exciting twist of flavours as well as slight fusion of ingredients influenced by other Asian countries. With example such as scallop sushi with Wakame salad & Balinese sambal matah, Kyushu Nigiri with Indonesian basil leaf, Tai Nigiri with breadcrumbs and lightly poached quail egg, Mekatoro Nigiri with avocado & ceviche sauce. Grilled Salmon with Eggplant, salmon smoked with burnt stalk of Balinese heirloom rice. Allowing ourselves with sinful desserts, Chocolate Cigar-Smokey dark Javanese organic cocoa mousse served with torch ginger flower sorbet with chocolate crumble and candied orange, Banana Crémeux with Caramelized Miso Cream, Lemon Pannacotta with Oba Leaf Granita.

Ji Sushi is based on classical Japanese methods of preparation that are simple, extremely fresh, precise and meticulous, but with a touch of exciting twist of flavours as well as slight fusion of ingredients influenced by other Asian countries. They are extremely fresh & light, and visually beautiful with distinctive Asian character.

Cocktails at Ji use exotic Asian roots, spices, local leaves, fruits and flowers from the island that are torched, infused, and mixed with premium spirits which make Ji cocktails stand unique from other establishments on the island. The smoking’ Coco Sexo, inspired by the volcanoes of Indonesia is guaranteed to wow all the other tables. The signature Tugu Gin & Tea, with premium gin infused with Javanese tea and other herbs, is an irresistible favourite that can only be found at Tugu Hotels & Restaurants.

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