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Exclusive Dining in an Ancient Kang Xi Period Temple

At the heart of Ji Restaurant is Bale Sutra, a Kang Xi period temple from 1706 that originated from China. This temple had been brought by some of the first immigrants that landed in Bali, and finally was rescued from the ruins by the Tugu founder and designer, Anhar Setjadibrata.

This temple exemplifies the centuries old relationship between Indonesia and Chinese cultures. Inside the Bale Sutra temple is an assemblage of majestic ancient arts and antiquities- all of which had been found in Indonesia. These antiques carry the rich history left by the Chinese Peranakan immigrants as well as traces of the Japanese occupation in Indonesia in the 1940s. Some examples are

1) the Japanese Standing Goddess Kannon, also known as Guanyin, Avalokitesvara, or the Goddess of Mercy – carved in the style from the Kamakura era.
2) Royal black and white charcoal portraits of Dewa Gede, prince of Gianyar 1903; Dewa Agung, prince of Klungkung when he arrived at the camp of the Dutch Indies expedition army with his soldiers in Gianyar in November 1906.
3) Numerous Qing dynasty scroll paintings of Chinese and Japanese gods; Ming dynasty blue and white ceramics.

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